IDX Broker and HTTPS

A common question I have been getting recently is the status update with IDX Broker and HTTPS. IDX Broker now offers HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt, however many IDX pages are not showing the green https, but instead show a mixed content warning. Here are some examples of what that looks like:

It sure doesn’t look as nice as this:

So is it possible the have a green lock on IDX Broker? To have a green lock, on every IDX Broker page two changes need to happen.

#1 IDX Broker needs to enable https for two subdomains

IDX Broker needs to update the following subdomains to use https, and it should be default:

Setting up an SSL has become easy and free in many cases, IDX Broker should be able to make this update quickly, and this will go a long way into improving the issue.

#2 IDX Broker? Agents? NAR? RESO? Needs to pressure the MLS Boards to support HTTPS

Many of the MLS Boards require IDX Broker to load images directly from the MLS servers. This means IDX Broker and their developer partners really have no control on how these images are loading. The only course of action is to alert the MLS boards that they need to support HTTPS for their images, and that it is a need. Who is best to pressure the MLS Boards into making these changes I am unsure of, but it’s clear to me it might need to be everyone.

Bottom Line: If you want https on every page, you probably need to start by calling or emailing your MLS.


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