Secure your Real Estate Websites Now!

The entire web is moving to HTTPS, and here is why you should be doing it now for your Real Estate Website.

Reason 1: Its Free

Before SSL typically involved a yearly cost for a certificate, with services such as Let’s Encrypt, it is completely possible to offer a secure website experience for your clients at no cost.

Reason 2: Beat the Big Portals

Can you believe it, sites like,, and are not using HTTPS by default yet. By switching to HTTPS now, your site can get the performance and SEO improvements before the big guys make the switch. It is just a matter of time, not if, so any head start your site has is a win in my book.

Reason 3: Your Clients Security and Peace of Mind

Selling or Buying real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions anyone will ever make in their life. Let your clients know you take their information and security seriously.

Reason 4: Google Says So

Google has been a big component into pushing the web to HTTPS, and on January 1st, 2017 they are going to be pushing a bit harder.

Reason 5: Performance and SEO Benefits

Without getting technical, HTTPS allows for many speed improvements for your site, such as HTTP2 support as an example. Google has also mentioned HTTPS will be a ranking signal.

Tip: Remember to update any links to your sites from emails, business cards, etc to HTTPS as well.

So what’s Stopping you?

The biggest issue I have run across is an MLS and/or IDX Provider not supporting it yet. If this is the case contact your MLS and/or IDX Provider, demanding full HTTPS support.

At imFORZA (my employer), we have been successfully running HTTPS for many Real Estate websites, despite the MLS/IDX road blocks, so feel free to contact us for help.